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Öz Hasan Usta Tantuni


Öz Hasan Usta Tantuni began to serve 7 months ago. It takes hygiene and customer satisfaction as a mission. It is ...

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Salı Kebap


Why Salı (Tuesday)? Salı (Tuesday’s) story begins with once upon a time… On June 5, 1987, 5 friends are met ...

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Vittorio Gelato Cafe

City Mersin Üyesi Vittorio Gelato Cafe

I was just an ‘Ice Cream lover’ before tasting a wonderful ice cream in Bodrum. The taste of ice cream even ...

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Şekerci Akif

City Mersin Üyesi Şekerci Akif

Mersin’s first cezerye is offered by Şekerci Arif. According to official records, it was established by Mehmet Allahtan. Şekerci Arif has ...

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Keyf-i Dem Restaurant

CityMersin Üyesi Keyf-i Dem Fasıl Restaurant

We have tried to make the best of everything for you to feel the pleasure. Keyf-i Dem family has begun to ...

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Mado Cafe – Mezitli


Mado Cafe makes a habit of eating ice cream in both summer and winter days with pleasure… The first concept ...

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