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Mado Cafe – Mezitli

Telefon: 0324 357 10 10
Adres: Yeni mah. Kristal apt. Mezitli mado (Babil yolu sahil çıkışında) 33153 Mersin, Türkiye
Facebook: @mezitli.mado | Twitter: @mezitlimado

Mado Cafe makes a habit of eating ice cream in both summer and winter days with pleasure…

The first concept opened in Caddebostan, İstanbul in 1992. Then it spread all over the country with its renewed desserts, ice cream and qualified coffee. Mado Café today has over 300 branches in Turkey and 30 branches in abroad including Dubai, Kuwait, Bahraini Azerbaijan, Nakhichevan, China, Netherlands, Qatar, Iraq, Baghdad, Erbil, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

Mado offers the real taste of ice cream and aims to reach different points. It led the new habits in these cafes. Besides ice cream, Mado Cafe has become to answer to different demands with its delicious desserts, pastries and sahlep.

As a result of interest, Mado Cafes has become the most important franchise with its 20 brand chain in its first 6 months and gives the signals to be the most popular cafes all around the world.

Mado has been awarded as it implements the Franchising system very well in Turkey in 2002.

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