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Simit Sarayı Forum Mersin

Telefon: 0324 331 50 40
Address: AVM Forum Mersin, Yenişehir, Mersin, Türkiye
Facebook: @Forum-Mersin-Simit-Sarayı 

CityMersin Üyesi Simit Sarayı Forum Mersin

When we started out in 2002 we had only one desire: To serve fresh bagels to our guests anytime of the day. We wanted everybody to taste our traditional flavors and to spread it first to Turkey and then to the whole world.

Everything started with the first bagel we baked in our first store in Mecidiyeköy. We were so excited to welcome our guests. Our bagels were always warm and fresh and you never let us feel alone. In time, the love of our customers spread to the whole country because the most important ingredient in our dough was friendship.

The fragrant smell of freshly baked bagels coming from our Simit Sarayı stores spread to all corners of Anatolia. We worked day and night to create new products, different flavors. We enriched our menus to be able to serve our guests at all times and hours.

We created snacks and dishes to be able to offer a great variety of products. In time our flavors travelled beyond the borders of our country. We spread to the four corners of the world and now we are saying “Bon Appetit” every day to nearly 650.000 guests in Turkey and the world with our 10.000 employees.

Each morning we are placing the first bagels of the day on the trays as excited as we were on our first day. We are on our way to become a world brand walking side by side with our customers.

About CityMersin

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