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CityMersin Üyesi Şişko Tantuni

Şişko Tantuni

Telefon: 0324 239 01 40
Address: İnönü Mah. 1402 Sok. Yusuf Ziya Apt. Altı No:12/A, Yenişehir, Mersin, Türkiye
Facebook: @SiskoTantuni | Twitter: @siskotantuni  

Şişko Tantuni has begun to serve Mersin on December, 2011. It is open every day between 09:00am and 01:00am. Since its foundation, Şişko Tantuni works diligently by choosing special meat and chicken from their own butcher.

The shop is 250 square meters and placed in the most popular Street in Mersin, Kushimoto Street. Şişko Tantuni will continue its special services by opening another branch in Mezitli.

Their aim is to make you happy and have a delicious lunch/dinner whenever you want.

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