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City Mersin Üyesi Vittorio Gelato Cafe

Vittorio Gelato Cafe

Telefon: 0532 637 4535
Address: Güvenevler Mah. 1913 Sok. 18/B Saygılı Apartmanı, Yenişehir, Mersin, Türkiye
Facebook: @Vittoriogelato
Instagram: @vittoriogelato


I was just an ‘Ice Cream lover’ before tasting a wonderful ice cream in Bodrum. The taste of ice cream even pushed me to close my Pharmacy and go to Italy to learn the job.

The taste is still on my mind. It was a sorbet with strawberry. I went to the cafe 3 days to feel the pleasure again and again. I have not tasted such intense ice cream before in Mersin.

While researching, I learned that it was the Italians’ gelato and sorbet ice cream. Then I found myself in a cooking school in Italy.

When I started to the school, I realized that these tastes make me really happy and decided to open my own café, aiming to share this taste with all ice cream lovers.

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